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Evolution 'a process of gradual, peaceful, progressive change or development'

In response to an ever increasing pressure on workplaces to comply with Work Health & Safety Legislation, Adam Taunton founded Evolution QSE in 2010 with the aim of helping Australian organisations understand and meet their compliance requirements across the safety, quality and environmental disciplines.


Teaming with organisations to understand their unique circumstances, Evolution QSE quickly established itself as a premier safety consultation firm through developing tailored  and specialised controls and management systems.

​Since the company's inception, Evolution QSE has grown and developed it's services to cater to the compliance requirements of several key industries including, construction, transport, manufacturing, retail, hospitality and government. In this time, Evolution QSE has expanded to offer it's services at a global level, partnering with multi-national organisations across New Zealand, The United States of America and Europe.

Evolutionaries 'an advocate of growth and change'

Evolution QSE is supported by a number of experienced individuals who provide specialist advice across a number of areas.

Adam Taunton - Managing Director & Principal Consultant

Adam is the Managing Director and founder of Evolution QSE. He has a great passion for all business’s and is a significant stakeholder taking on current industry challenges with enthusiasm. Adam believes in tailored solutions for individual businesses, and has been delivering this as a EHS Manager and consultant for over 10 years.


Adam takes great pride in his contribution to the Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner Accreditation Scheme, both as an Assistant Director for the OFSC when it was established and as an ongoing Federal Safety Officer conducting audits for the OFSC since 2007. Adam has worked in the construction industry for over 23 years and has the background of a qualified electrician.


Adam is a dynamic leader who strives for continuous improvement and is focussed on the systems aspects of total business management, as well as the cultural and societal components that need to be engaged to enhance the commitment from employees using the relevant systems.

Celia Taunton - Chief Operating Officer

Celia is a Director and co-founder of Evolution QSE. Her role of Chief Operations Officer finds her responsible for all operational aspects of the business.

Celia has extensive experience in customer service, sales & marketing and business administration. She has previously held management positions within hospitality, human resources and corporate services for large size organisations.


Celia holds qualifications in Workplace Quality, Safety and Environmental Management, First Aid, Return to Work Coordination and is an accomplished Lead Auditor. 

Celia is all about the people and strong believer in "safety first". She is an advocate for workers returning home to their family safely, every day.

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