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Our Service Philosophy

We at Evolution QSE, believe that when you engage a consultant, you should receive the highest standard of service, from initial contact through to final service delivery. Our consultants are highly skilled and experienced individuals who have backgrounds in the industries we service, meaning we have an understanding of the challenges you and your business might be facing and can develop the most effective solutions to meet these challenges. Coupled with our commitment to providing personalised after sales support, we believe that this is what sets Evolution QSE apart.

Evolution QSE prides itself on the provision of informed and accurate advice in the disciplines of Work Health & Safety, Quality and Environmental management. In addition to providing advice, Evolution QSE is positioned to provide the following services:

  • Development, Implementation and Review of Quality, Safety and Environmental Management Systems

  • Industrial Relations and Employment Obligations Certification (IRE Certificate)

  • Risk Identification, Assessment and Prioritisation

  • Emergency Preparedness Planning

  • Accident and Incident Investigation

  • Inspection and Audit Services

  • Aerial Imagery (Drone)

  • Compliance Reviews

  • Training Services

Industries We Work With

Civil & Construction

We are currently working with a wide range construction and civil companies ranging from 5 to 500 employees across a number of projects within Australia. The construction projects we have worked with range from multi-storey high-rise constructions up to $900 Million right through to multi-dwelling residential constructions in all states of Australia. Civil projects have included works as the Client Representative at the Cotter Dam upgrade in Canberra and also major works on national and state road and rail projects. Our experience and professional expertise has led to the appointment of our Principal Consultant Adam Taunton as one of a very select group of Federal Safety Officers conducting audits on behalf of the Australian Federal Government. Evolution QSE has also been engaged by various employer groups such as the Master Builders Association to assist them to meet their WHS obligations as a PCBU.


Evolution QSE works with one of the major ​internationally acclaimed gold foil processing and product delivery companies worldwide with operations.
Evolution QSE provides straightforward and pragmatic advice to the manufacturing and printing industries across the globe. From managing plant and process safety through to worker training and induction, Evolution QSE provides holistic review of your business to ensure the Work Health and Safety obligations are met. This includes the review physical items of plant and machinery operating processes to ensure plant & employee related risks are properly managed in accordance with the relevant Codes of Practice and Australian Standards.

Electrical & Telecommunications

Evolution QSE is proud to have worked with all facets of the electrical and telecommunications industries. This ranges from electrical infrastructure, generation and supply authorities such as ActewAGL in Canberra, through to telecommunications works with Optus and Australian Government entities. Our consultants are also formally qualified in the electrical field and hold formal telecommunications design qualifications. We can assist you to manage all electrical requirements as per the relevant Australian Standards and local authority requirements. Our consultants have worked with temporary and permanent electrical installations across all industries and workplaces, and can advise you on the minimum standards and critical controls as required by the local regulatory agencies in each state.

Transport & Logistics

Evolution QSE is working with transport companies in all facets of transport and logistics. From warehousing and delivery receipt, through to the transport and chain-of-custody requirements, Evolution QSE has developed solutions for it all. Advising a range of operations from smaller warehousing and local distribution businesses, to large scale warehousing with high traffic and forklift volume. We conduct whole-of-business reviews that encompass the entire commercial operation to ensure WHS obligations are met in all states, jurisdictions and countries.


Evolution QSE have worked with a range of projects and organisations involving hydro-power scheme tunneling, overhead & underground power line construction, sewer network reticulation and treatment, road, rail and more. This includes development and auditing of project systems and activities to ensure all works are sufficiently planned, managed and delivered. Our consultants have over 10 years of confined space certification and have assorted qualifications to enable works in restricted/confined space classified areas.

Retail & Hospitality

From bars, clubs and pubs through to exercise gyms, property management or cleaning, Evolution QSE does it all. We have clients in almost all of the retail and hospitality industries and are continuing to assist business meet the service delivery requirements set out in each state/country. We work through the business from the first point of client contact through to the conclusion. This ensures all patrons and employees are taken care of throughout the entire business operation. Our most recent client is a prestigious wine estate in the Canberra Region.


Evolution QSE continues to work with a number of state and federal government agencies to provide specific and detailed advice as required by each department. This includes policy and contractual advice, auditing and inspection services, compliance management of sub-contracted entities and more. We are highly regarded within the region and enjoy working with the challenges of the government of the day.

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